Brain Connectivity Development from Diffusion MRI

Principal Investigator: Ghassan Hamarneh
Students: Brian G. Booth
  Colin J. Brown
  Shawn Andrews

Advances in diffusion magnetic resonance (dMR) technology allow for white matter development and injury to be studied safely in critically ill newborns. In particular, voxel-based morphometry, tractography, and connectome mapping, can be used to quantify brain microstructure, connectivity and network properties. Using state-of-the-art dMR analysis techniques, we study brain connectivity development and injury in vulnerable populations of newborns.

Our work in brain connectivity development can be found in these publications.

Clinical Collaborators:

  • Dr. Steven P. Miller (Neurology, Toronto Sick Kids Hospital)
  • Dr. Ken Poskitt (Pediatric Neuroradiology, BC Children’s Hospital)

This project is made possible with the help of NeuroDevNet.