January 21, 2013

Medical researchers in Computing Science

Professors Stella Atkins and Ghassan Harmaneh are members of a research group involved with medical imaging and analysis.

Professor Emeritus Stella Atkins was one of four SFU professors to win a 2011 Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision from the Dean of Graduate Studies. She has supervised students for 24 years and she is well known for her ability to provide strong mentorship, inspiration, astute technical guidance, as well as a rich social atmosphere to her teams. She runs the Medical Computing Lab. Using computer software, her research team refines medical images to conduct research on human health. Together with collaborators such as the BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre, industry partners and others, Dr. Atkins' team is advancing research into MRI, radiology, skin melanomas and brain behaviours.

Dr. Hamarneh is the lead investigator on a project that received $1 million US from the Qatar National Research Foundation. He is working closely with the University of British Columbia, The Cleveland Clinic and the Qatar Robotic Surgery Centre to acquire, analyze, and visualize 3-D anatomical images in real-time.