July 11, 2012

Workshop on Mathematics of Brain Imaging 2012

This workshop aims to continue the collaborative tone of the Mitacs International Focus Period on the Mathematics of Medical Imaging with a special focus on brain imaging, by bringing together mathematicians, researchers in health sciences, and health care manufacturers. A special effort will be made to support the participation by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, who may then be excited to take part in the numerous educational opportunities in the area of mathematics of brain imaging as well as seek novel collaborative projects, network with peers, and connect with industry.

The main goals of the workshop will be to:

  • Showcase some of the major recent advances in the mathematics of brain imaging, and find ways in which these can have significant impact in future clinical application
  • Bring to the attention of mathematicians interesting new problems and help define mathematical structures yet to be understood
  • Establish research and training interconnections with the large brain imaging community in Ontario and British Columbia
  • Establish research relationships with industrial partners interested in the discovery of novel imaging techniques and instrumentation

The workshop will include:

  • Distinguished Lectures on the mathematics of neuroanatomical image analysis from structural, functional and
    physical-connectivity data of the brain
  • Survey lectures by internationally renowned experts
  • Special Sessions (invited and contributed talks) on recent research advances
  • Postdoctoral Fellow/Graduate Student Research Poster Competition


Date and Location

      July 11-13, 2012
      The IRMACS Centre
      Simon Fraser University
      8888 University Drive
      Burnaby, BC  Canada

Organizing Committee                                                                  


AAIC 2012                                                                                                               

  • Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) for 2012 will be held in Vancouver from July 14 to July 19,
    following the last day of the Workshop on Mathematics of Brain Imaging. The attendees of the workshop may find this conference
    also of interest. The one-day Alzheimer Imaging Consortium on July 14, 2012 may be particularly interesting to many of the attendees.


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