October 16, 2014

CS Colloquium: "Brain images and data waves" by Dr. Ryan D'Arcy

Speaker: Dr. Ryan D'Arcy

Time: 12:30-1:30pm

Location: TASC1 9204W

"Brain images and data waves: the critical need for computer science in clinical applications"

With rapid growth of non-invasive medical imaging technologies comes increasingly larger and more complex image and waveform data. What exactly is embedded within these complex data sources? Often, the answer can come in the form of new clinical applications in neurology that can immediately advance care in individuals being treated for brain injury, brain tumours, epilepsy, dementia... the list goes on. The reality is: these applications only scratch the surface for what computer science can do in terms of pulling out medical advances. This talk will review some examples of medical applications in the hopes to stimulate deeper dives into image and waveform data.